35 thoughts on “That Cloud

  1. Love to think in colors of emotion. So we have to take care not to mix all together but seperate to not get a sad black in the end. How to control our thoughts which trigger emotions of anger, and sadness?

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      • Oh good! I cannot control my thoughts at all…not even a little bit… So I would be proud if I could control my reactions to my thoughts… but I even cannot this, because emotions are leading too much my life…but I want to console myself….I try so much to accept, unterstand and tolerante, so I Hope that there will always be the same acceptance, tolerance and will to understanding for all my weaknessess…..

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        • A long time ago I was in a college class. The instructor told us that we cannot control what thoughts come into our heads. That is beyond our control because no one really knows how thoughts are formulated. Those random, off the wall, thoughts. What he said after that has stayed with me. That we can only control what we do with our thoughts. THat’s where that comes from when I say it. And I do believe that.

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          • This is very wise, because our thoughts are alreaady past when we start to think about them, but our reaction to these thoughts are present and future… action and reaction is the path of life and we should try to go in harmony and love full of positivity….easy to understand but not so easy to practice… so maybe that black cloud can be stired up and all beautiful colors can appear again? Have a nice weekend Colleen!


  2. That’s a very heavy cloud of emotion, Colleen. I hope for more rainbow hued days. But emotions are emotions and sometimes they have a color all their own, even when we’d prefer something different.

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    • I would hope we learn, as we go, how to help manage those emotions. Being prepared for not always being able to ‘control’ them doesn’t mean we can’t learn how deal with them. Thank you Debra 🙂


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