33 thoughts on “Wrinkled and Tossed

      • ….sorry was not ready yet😁…relate to. But for most things there is still time as long as we live… maybe even harder to take a chance…. but on the other hand as you write in your original post, I can not remember that I ever thought something is not good enough….I always took situations, oppertunities when I had a good feeling for this moment without thinking if they will turn out good for the future…. too much thinking of the future or past makes me sad, because It makes me feel insecure in the present.


        • Yes, I get this Anie. I just think of how many times I doubted what it is I created. I have spent too much time waiting for “approval” from others or appreciation for what I have created to really pursue it. I take responsibility for that. But it makes me sad. And I am trying very hard to feel secure, and if someone else doesn’t like it….that’s not my problem. 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

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  1. Or, in my case, I just didn’t take care of something well enough! I’m much thriftier now, and I hope more responsible! 🙂 I love the effect you created with your wonderful wrinkled illustration, Colleen. It’s fabulous!


    • Thank you Debra. 🙂 I mostly feel, for me, this one is about tossing out ideas or ‘works’ that I didn’t think good enough. Though I never exactly throw away anything I’ve written. I have “tossed” the idea of putting something I’ve written out into the world.

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  2. Colleen you are creating beautiful things and you are surely a treasure for so many people, the only problem is, that you think too much😁… on the other hand this is what makes you special and lovable as you are….


    • I can’t help but wonder. Not so much in angst. But I would want to make sure I have learned, and that if I need be apologetic, I recognize it. And if I can bring to light something I shouldn’t keep hidden, I do it.


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