People Don’t Listen To More



I’m learning to say less

Because people don’t listen to more.

Or at all.








This was prompted by a random happen chance of finding stats that showed when I first started blogging my average posts word count was in the mid to high HUNDREDS.   And now it’s less than one hundred, most often, much less.  I found that interesting.



28 thoughts on “People Don’t Listen To More

  1. That IS really interesting Colleen. I don’t understand always what makes stats go up and down. But I like to write short poems and tend to get better stats when I do that.

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    • I think I just metamorhasized into this Lorraine. I have had times were I was lucky to get a like or two. Then I was doing great with pretty good likes. Now it’s just …. not so impressive. The stats don’t reflect in the likes, and vice versa. And they don’t necessarily have a difference in my long posts vs short posts. Readers, in general, are fickle. I know I am 😉


      • Actually I think I had kind of worked that out. Kind of lol. For me if I get a comment that shows my poem or whatever has helped or inspired someone I am more than happy. It is what I started my Blog for. It makes my day when that happens. And when people respond kindly to me it makes my day too, so in the end I don’t suppose stats matter that much. But they are a mystery that is for sure!


  2. That is interesting and true, I like shorter posts too. Also not blogging but real talking sometimes it is better less but to the point as most people don’t listen and are occupied with other things in their mind when you talk. You can so easily feel and see it. Shame, the art of listening is often not there. I surprised myself doing it even and pinched myself to listen properly. ( As it is one of my strength being a good listener.)


  3. Less is more, as the saying goes.
    Some verbose posts tend to bore after a while, especially if they are the ranting type.
    A good short, sharp statement often works best.

    A good example was Churchill’s funny, but rather cruel:
    ‘My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly’

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  4. I have come to the same realization, Colleen, and within many different contexts. My dad was a man of few words. We’d even tease him about it sometimes. His response was always, “We are only given so many words to use when we are first born. When you use them all your time is up!” i can still hear him saying that. I’m not sure I understood it at the time, but I’m getting a lot closer! 🙂


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