As Simple As Standing Still



It’s as simple as standing still

Looking out

With thoughts

Of where I am, who I am, and what I’m doing

It’s not always good, perfect or easy

It’s not always what I thought it would be

While simultaneously

It’s more than I hoped it could be

And while I stand

Looking out at what may be there

What I’m looking at

Or towards

Isn’t something I can see.













24 thoughts on “As Simple As Standing Still

  1. if we do not expect too much, if we do not let fears and severity carry us, then we have more. Now and here and in the future….a good reminder to what we have got!


      • Yes but we also should always remember what we need and not need and how we feel because of the behavior of others … isn’t it an equal to realize shat we have? Feelings and emotions are much more linked with happiness than facts of what we have. Feel we like first class or only second choice? This is what counts, no money, nob elongings only feelings!!

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