46 thoughts on “I’m A Mess

  1. Colleen, like you the other day, this made me giggle. I know itโ€™s kind of serious, but TES, life IS messy. And Iโ€™m a mess too. Donโ€™t know why that is funny, but it is!


  2. Considering the messes that I have made in my life, I must be doing it right! Several years ago ago I read some words that impacted me on a blog post by Melanie of Gather for Bread, and as is my habit jotted them down. “There’s always a message behind every mess. Just find it.” Love your words and art, I must say that you are one talented mess! Thank-you! P.S. I am hoping that you will consider sending me your email address, there is something that I would love to send to you!


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