The World Missed Out On Knowing Her




And people in general

Ignored her.


In general,

Chose to exist as fully, as completely, as exalted

As she wanted.

While the world missed out on knowing her

She missed out on nothing of importance.











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27 thoughts on “The World Missed Out On Knowing Her

  1. anie says:

    every person has his universe around … people whom he/she loves and who love him/her. It is not possible to know every human and it is not necessary to be known by all … it is enough to leave a nice footprint …. or are there vocations to do something big?…You always talk from “her”…you have someone special in mind?..Nice illustration as well!


  2. blindzanygirl says:

    Brilliant, Colleen


  3. There are lots of important people who travel through the world unknown. The world is richer for their journey through but does not know, or appreciate, it!


  4. markbialczak says:

    The world should be worry for its one-sided view, MBC.

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    • That’s the truth MBM.


    • anie says:

      Yes and no. It is certainly dangerous if humanity looks one-sided and adapts to the general stream. On the other hand, everything and everyone who is seen and celebrated quickly becomes instrumentalized for monistic purposes, and then the good cause often tilts through too many negative side effects … the true heroes are the ones who do not let themselves be celebrated but work. And sadness that their value is not acknowledged can only exist if vanity is not satisfied or if too great sacrifices were made for this existence … every human being can be a hero for the world (and the environment), his own little one Life must not suffer, or?


  5. She was fortunate to have chosen correctly. ❤️


  6. Jodi says:

    like so many…. bravo to her life lived as she chose!


  7. Wow! I want her trust, confidence and groundedness – so I keep living as simply and joyfully.


  8. Ellen says:

    I choose this for my epitaph and will continue living in the hope of fulfilling it, before needing it! I seek your permission.Thank-you!


  9. Ocean Bream says:

    How lovely. The universe owes us nothing, and we can take as much as we need from it, to strengthen our souls.


  10. Debra says:

    Sounds like a very authentic and REAL person. We need more people just like that! 🙂


  11. Beautiful, touching, and sad. Tragic when the world fails to see one of its children


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