I Bet They Didn’t Even Pray For Me



When your family goes to the Vatican without you

The least you (I) can do

Is give the Pontifical Swiss Guard the heads up

To keep an eye on them.

The lengths I will go to not be in the Vatican City in style.










17 thoughts on “I Bet They Didn’t Even Pray For Me

  1. Oh YES Colleen. I see you have put a pic up. Is that your family? Up with the Swiss Guards. Yes, God bless both you, and your family Colleen xx


    • There are 2 of my brothers, 2 sisters in laws and a niece Lorraine. And the orange and blue “swiss guard” is a drawing of me! 🙂 WIth their permission of course, I just plopped myself right into their vacation picture!

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      • Aww Colleen. I can’t see it except in a blur. But I can see the shapes of figures with no colour in them. I can’t see the faces – just shapes. Wow! The Vatican. I sm jelous lol. May God bless them richly especially on their trip.


      • The ingenuity was incredible. I remember reading, sadly, that after the plague, the knowledge of how to build like that died with the builders. Of course, it was eventually relearned in some form or fashion, but so much talent lost with such a huge portion of the population. Crazy.


  2. What a lovely family, Colleen. I will try not to hold it against them that not only didn’t they bring you with them, but perhaps you weren’t even remembered in a prayer. Harrumph!


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