I Fear The Desire



I have an intense fear of heights.

Not because I fear the fall

I fear the desire to jump

Because I believe I can fly.


There is a tremendous difference between metaphorical and literal

Know the difference

When you’re standing on a cliff.










42 thoughts on “I Fear The Desire

  1. Oh gosh Colleen. I know that feeling. But this brough a memory back. After chemo, when I got back home, I was always β€œhigh” because they gave me a strong dose of steroid as well, and that made me think I could do ANYTHING! I thought I could stand on my bedroom window ledge and just jump off and fly!!!

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      • I have a friend in America – Wisconsin- and we joked that she had to watch out for me flying over her house. Ivwas always absolutely high, and exhilarated when I came home from chemo in the evening, and I felt I could have done ANYTHING! It was just the steroids doing it though. The next day I was as low as low. Strange times.


  2. Oh my goodness, Colleen, that is EXACTLY why I fear heights! Deep deep within there is this tottering, jelly-like inclination to just jump. It looks so lovely. And then the fear stems from this inability to control that strange strange desire!


    • I can imagine that if I ever actually got to the top of the heights….I would fear the power of that. My fear of heights is so intense. I have, in my lifetime, on a rare occasion been able to get to the top of…. a couple of mountains, some towers, etc…. It is SUCH an adrenaline rush of fear. But, I’ve mostly NOT been able to get to the top of something I want to climb….and I am saddened because I so badly want to get there….


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