Show Me The World



As unlikely and near impossible as it would be to make this happen

How much peace would this world know

If every human when they turned 18-ish

Traveled outside of their known world

To cultures and places they’ve never experienced.

I think we could all benefit from

Experiencing different

Learning different

Appreciating different.

And knowing fondly how others live

When we return home.

Just a thought.

Wouldn’t it be amazing?







32 thoughts on “Show Me The World

  1. Oh Colleen you are so right. But do you know, in here, on WP we “meet” all different kinds of cultures, and from them I have learnt so much. Many of them are now my firm friends. This is an amazing place!

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  2. this would help a lot, a great idea! It is not always nice to be a stranger somewhere, but you learn at least how you never want to treat others…; )


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