29 thoughts on “No Doubt At All

  1. Training ourselves and willing our bodies to move to become the people we want to become is never an easy thing! Sometimes I think it’s important to focus on our strengths for a while, otherwise who we should be or what we should be doing can take a bad toll on us

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    • Great comment Fatimah. I went to a training once where the lecture was telling us to stop telling kids to make their weaknesses stronger. That they should be encouraged to work on their strengths. That we don’t all have to have the same level of strengths on everything. The example they used was math. If a child isn’t great at math, teach them math skills, but if their strength is art (for example) let them learn more and build more on that. I think that would make a huge difference in life.

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      • That’s a great example. Yeah, the concepts of positive psychology are fortunately starting to permeate into education systems now, and I definitely believe that strength building should be given way more credit. Thanks!

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      • our world is becoming more and more complex and the knowledge more and more specialized, so that it becomes impossible for an individual to learn or understand all this. In the future, it will be all the more important for children to convey important basic knowledge of their everyday lives and to promote their strengths. Diversity instead of homogeneity!


  2. Very interesting, dear Colleen! If you have the strength of your conviction, then by all means. I’m not a good risk taker. But I love to cheer others who are willing. πŸ™‚


    • I am not a great risk taker. I have taken risks. But I am now at a point where taking risks I wanted to take decades ago makes me a little sad. But daggone it… I am. And everyone needs cheers. πŸ™‚


  3. Well I think you chose well otherwise there would not be this amazing artist today! I think I took risks, because I never was aware what will happen . For me life is also always a mixture of active and passiv, of taking a risk or not… the aim is, to create diversity… learn children to be responible

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