From The Storm

Those times

That I stood in the rain alone

With thunder above and puddles below

I was powerless.

Literally and figuratively I have stood

And felt such freedom and fortitude

While storm raged around me

As I let the anguish and furor of my ravaged soul

Out to join the fury.

And from the storm came my resolve.











I recall with such clarity the storms I have stood in.

Life changing.

24 thoughts on “From The Storm

  1. Twins…. Funny that we would writing about the rain and
    storms from different sides of the world, at the same, mine rain is like warm champagne for our local farmers…


  2. It’s important to recall those times! We have them, and if we are in a time of quiet and peace, we need to remember that more storms will come! Meaningful, Colleen.


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