His Trust In Me

I walked into a stranger’s home.  They didn’t know me.  I didn’t know them.  A very young child, not much older than 1, not close to 2, walked up to me.  He stopped when his little toes were on my toes.  He looked up.  I looked down.  I knew instinctively what he wanted.  But as a parent I know not to assume the right to be comfortable with someone else’s child.  The child didn’t care.  He leaned his whole body onto my legs and hugged me.  I reached down and patted his back, hugging him as best as I could with one hand because my other hand was full.  He looked up and smiled.

His trust in me made me feel like a good human being.











32 thoughts on “His Trust In Me

    • It was so instantaneous. As soon as I walked in he made a bee line to me. I told his parents I thought he felt like I was someone else. They didn’t think so at all. It was very touching.


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