Not Different At All

I met a family.

They are from far, far away.

But they are here now.  They have made ‘here’, home.

Much about them is very different.  And I, I am very much different to them.

But not.  Not different at all.


Father cried for his child.

I understood completely.





















26 thoughts on “Not Different At All

  1. We are not different, we all have uncertainties of how we’ll be accepted, we all have fears of the unknown, we all love our children, and we can all love each other.. 😊🤗❤️


    • That is the best phrase I have heard in a very long time. I hope I remember it. (I’m horrible at remembering phrases. Go figure. I love words so much.) . Thank you Debbie. I have had this experience often enough that I believe in ‘human’ and our connections.


  2. What an important and significant encounter. We need these reminders. It’s so easy to fall into thinking of others as “other than we,” as though that matters. Very nicely stated, Colleen.


    • Thank you Debra. I was so touched by this man’s emotions. He was so trusting to be that raw in front of me. I could do nothing ‘but’ relate to him on the commonality we had. Our emotions and our love for our children. I very much enjoy meeting people who are different than I. I enjoy when we share and teach one another, and laugh together. And I love that even with those wonderful differences, we can bond over what we know.


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