20 thoughts on “What They Faced

  1. We should never despise love, in whatever way it manifests. It is indeed true that it is fear that is the root of the hate


  2. It saddens me that anyone should live in fear because of love. Some people are so blinkered to the fact that others maybe different from them, but they feel it necessary to persecute them & see them as less worthy members of society, instead of actually getting to know them as fellow human beings. This came to light recently, listening to a piece on the radio, a lady said when her partner & herself went to rural areas, particularly, they didn’t openly show affection to each other for fear of being rebuffed. They were “ good friends” to outsiders. In a conversation with a fellow villager, where we live, (who particularly asked the question) about whether children should be made aware of the LGBT community in schools, (which has recently caused some unrest in schools within the city I was born in) his view was a definite “no” yet he’d previously stated he enjoyed watching a tv programme, currently being aired in the UK called, “Gentlemen Jack” which is based on the true life story of land owner & lesbian, Ann Lister, in the 1830’s. Double standards methinks! His attitude really annoyed me!


    • How confusing people are. I find it shocking watching people who voice acceptance and tolerance until they are faced with something about someone they don’t ‘agree’ with and then they don’t have to be accepting.

      It makes me terribly sad to think of the people who just wanted to love, to live, to be accepted, and they were not.


  3. it is sad, it is sad how we divide our selves when we are all equally human, and only if we put out love, we will receive love, and then perhaps, we can survive together

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