39 thoughts on “I Can’t Pull It Off

    • THAT is a phenomenal comment Jodi. Thank you. I was kind of poking fun at myself, but mostly at the social media expectations. I’m comfortable with that kind of sexy that you mention….but the other kind I was just not cut out for! 🙂

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  1. hahaha, I am sure you are sexy for your husband, beyond the social media!
    Unfortunately the “success” in the social networks belongs to quantity and in too few cases to the quality (in connection with luck and rafinesse). But what sense does it make, to impress with his body bulks of hormone-driven people, when it comes to the art and / or inner values? It is counterproductive, as you can see, because it reinforces the trend of the need of physical appearances even more. I pay tribute to people like you who want to reach people through their perseverance, will and passion and who do not pave the way through physicality!
    A very nice post with a hidden “blink”! ; )

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  2. HaHA! It’s how you feel about yourself that makes you sexy, Colleen. Tough bahoonies what social media says. You’ll never come up to the impossible standards. I just today posted something about again and sexuality ….. like minds and all that ….. LOL

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  3. Oh but you got the eyelashes and the red lipstick!! Always works for me!

    But you know that I know what you mean and I see you as someone beyond any definitions of social media. Your kindness, compassion, clarity are all what can make social media sexy and attractive to the likes of me.


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