28 thoughts on “Don’t Be There

  1. Sometimes we still are present physically unable to “escape” yet we do have the choice not to engage. Fighting begets fighting. LOVED this, Colleen. Well said! And your drawing again is excellent! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  2. sorry to disagree with previous commentators

    we’d all like an easy life and to avoid conflict wherever we can but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to injustice, inequality, discrimination, abuse –

    whether it be Jews in Nazi concentration camps, dissenters in Stalin’s labour camps, children who suffered abuse at the hands of pedophile priests, or those who suffered discrimination because of their skin colour, religion, too many folk have suffered – are still suffering – because too many other folk who could lift a hand/a voice to help them preferred not to get involved/to remain silent and not get into a fight


    • Oh Duncan, I fully agree. This post was in reference to a college class I took years ago, and the meaning that we discussed ‘then’. It’s the silly things in life we waste energy and emotions on (fighting with siblings, arguing about getting ‘our’ way at work or home instead of working towards the ‘best’ way, the minor things in life we get ourselves caught up in). This post was in no way to suggest we keep quiet about injustice and abuse.


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