30 thoughts on “Imperfect and Free

  1. to know that you are not perfect is much more closer to perfection than to think you are.
    The perfect human ( who never will be perfect..; )…) only needs only the right balance in his unperfection, doesn’t he?


  2. How boring life would be if it was so perfect that it was forever flat. Those hills make us stronger, and the triumphant feeling of reaching each pinnacle, however small, can be euphoric. The “perfect” would never feel that..I feel sorry for them. I’m with the imperfection party..free to have more fun!


  3. Oh how I laughed out loud when I read this, Colleen. Sometimes hubby “expects” too much from me and I so delightfully wise-assingly say (giggle) “Thank goodness I’m not perfect! I never professed to be nor will I ever!” LOL LOVED this post!! XO


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