And Not Be Bitter

He sat in his motorized wheelchair.  I sat, by invitation, in his recliner.  He told me how his progressive disease  has recently robbed him of his ability to walk.  And how it has created numerous additional health issues.  All within a very short period of time.

I expressed sorrow at hearing this.

He smiled at me.  Joyfully.  He said “hey, it’s life, you have to stay humble and not be bitter”.











31 thoughts on “And Not Be Bitter

  1. What a greatness and what a truth.
    Life as a whole, but also every single phase of life has this truth deep inside. Only a loving, humble way can lead to peace and happiness.


  2. What a wonderful attitude to have. I hope he gets all the help he needs to make life as easy and fulfilling as is possible, against all the odds. I’m sure his positivity will bring the right people & support his way. His humble words are well worth remembering.


  3. If only that marvelous response and attitude could be packaged and sold! Bitterness and feeling cheated seems to be on so many lips these days. I’ll bet you felt encouraged as you left this dear man. Very special!


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