Throw Love


Some days

I just want to smack some people in the back of the head

With love.

Love, Rocks, Humor, Throw

Not rocks, love.

Because they really need it!!








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36 thoughts on “Throw Love

  1. Two thumbs up and a basket full of love projectiles.

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  2. cindy knoke says:

    tee hee heeing……only some days?


  3. anie says:

    What a wonderful message! Spread love, if necessary shoot with it! When emotions fight in hearts, there is a need to send out the love to get reinforcements. Denunciation is so easy and harmful, compassion only brings ourselves a pretended comfort, empathy is the power that love needs.


  4. beth says:

    and throw it back again if it bounces off the first time! ) great post, colleen –

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  5. ❤️❤️❤️


  6. LMAO! Oh OH man! Oh, Colleen, you have no idea how “timely” this post is! I’m laughing so hard I’m choking! LOVED THIS!! 😂😂😂

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  7. Love this thought. Perhaps, politicians shouold consider dropping candy hearts and balloons instead of bombs.

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  8. Jodi says:

    This made me smile!

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  9. utesmile says:

    Yes…. some really need it! ♥♥♥


  10. I believe that your aim has been superb to date. You are hereby awarded the first class medal of “Lobber of Love.”

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  11. Val Boyko says:

    Love this 💞


  12. Debra says:

    I do so wish that were the first thing that comes to my mind. LOL! I might be more apt to, if not throw, at least pick up the rocks! I’m listening, Colleen. Keep the positivity coming. 🙂

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  13. And because love is much softer. Those hearts look squishy. 🙂


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