22 thoughts on “And Will I

  1. I’ve always felt I’ve flown so you can imagine the aggravations of gravity. Yes you did fly and yes you will fly again. No doubt here.
    FYI …. I “lovingly” smacked the back of hubby’s head the other night when he was exhibiting stupid and the results? He laughed and told me I gave him goosebumps. So much for the effort. 🤣🤣🤣


      • Colleen, there has been so much wiped from our “Memory” in order to learn our lessons here. I’m sure we fly. In fact, there are some of us who are working quite hard to earn more sparkles and bands on their wings. 😉

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        • Oh I wrote a story about this many many years ago. How when a baby is born, he/she is still communicating with the angels. It’s when they learn to ‘speak our language’ that they lose the memory of and ability to communicate with the angels.

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            • I have friends who’s child had an imaginary friend, my granddaughter had one, we were all inclusive of their imagination. When they stopped needing their friend…they went away. It was adorable, comforting and so very imaginative.

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              • Colleen, I was punished for having imaginary friends. I think it is wonderful that children do have imaginary friends … they are just so connected in ways that we adults have forgotten. I’m making up for my childhood loss by being friends with the birds, and the bees, the rabbits and all those whose eyes meet mine without fear. Yep even turtles. Oh, today was a green heron! And then we talk. (smile) I do believe my pictures share the very stories I have with my friends. (smile) XO


                • This makes me sad. Could your parents have been fearful that your ‘imagination’ was something they didn’t understand so they thought there was something wrong? We know differently now, but could that have been a fear for them? I’m so glad you are giving yourself the freedom to enjoy and reconnect with ‘new’ friends. Your pictures share AMAZING connections!!!!! ❤

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                  • Bingo. My Mom was very afraid of me. I was so different from any of my siblings. She honestly didn’t know what to do with me. Her upbringing was very narrow and rigid, so to have this wild imaginative little girl who saw things, and “knew” things, she interpreted it as “Oh this can’t be. My family will think my kid is nuts.” No worries now, however ….. I’m more then making up for my loss. Things have a way of working out. People just get such a kick out of me when I actually begin to “talk” out loud to what I am photographing … and yep they get giggling at my nonsense. I’ve actually had people stop to watch my antics. Teehee … So, no more scared. Now I bring smiles and giggles. 😘


                    • I have a friend or two who talks to whatever it is they are working with. It has never bothered me, often it has humored me. 😉 . I’m glad you are making up for that loss. And I’m glad it comes through in your photos! 🙂

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