My Obituary

Some truths that should be included about my life:

I yelled at my husband and I yelled at my kids.

Sometimes I thought I was better than others, sometimes I knew I wasn’t as good as anyone.

I lied and was dishonest.

I lamented all that I didn’t have and arrogantly thought I deserved more.

I doubted my purpose.

I lacked courage to reach goals.

I let hate touch my life.

I practiced selfishness to an embarrassing degree.

I acted righteous when I should have been pleading forgiveness.

I refused to admit when I was wrong.

I was clueless.


I did my very best to be a better mother and a better wife.

Sometimes I was able to accept that I was as valuable as anyone, everyone.

I was truthful and honest even when it pained me to do so.

I learned that my purpose was flexible and fluid.

I basked in achieving goals I worked damn hard to obtain.

I learned that hate had no place in my heart and shunned it to the best of my ability.

I gave of myself in ways that helped others beyond what I thought I was capable of doing.

I learned the truth of value and morality and chose to seek it and live it.

I came to understand that being wrong is not a shame.

I loved learning.

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The truth of my life is all that needs written.













PS….a very very long time from now!