Slightly Overcharged

I went into a local convenience store and purchased 4 items, a “buy two for the cost of” items that saved a few pennies on the items if you purchased them in pairs.  It cost more per item if you paid for them singly.  I couldn’t see the screen as the owner himself rang up the items but I thought I had only heard 3 ‘ding’s instead of 4.  When he told me the total I told him that was incorrect, it should have cost more.  He looked at the items on the counter then at the register and saw he had only rang up three items.  He was so surprised at my correcting him, and willingly correcting him so that it cost me more….that he then overcharged me for the one item left for me to purchase.

It was worth it.  Just to do the right thing.

I wished him a happy day and left with a good purchase.  Integrity is priceless.

(And I didn’t want to correct him again.)


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