32 thoughts on “Favorite What

    • Aw Lorraine, thank you. This drawing, I did a few years ago. I have never been able to duplicate it. I wanted badly to draw husband in some way, and this was it. I was so happy with it. I do feel an artist with my words on many days, but not as much with drawing. I just keep trying.


  1. What more could one hope to be than someone’s favorite everything? I might have considered applying for the position, but it appears that you have already filled it. Not an artist you say? YOU are an artist from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, from the place where your heart joins your mind and flows through your fingers…and I am a grateful recipient of your talents! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you Ellen, very much. I have always wanted to be able to create. I feel better (finally!) in life acknowledging that I am a creator with words. Using doodles/drawing is still relatively new to me (considering how long I have been writing). This image of my husband was, to me, astonishingly accurate. I love it. And I don’t know that I could recreate it! (Though I do have doodle versions of him that I love too!!!).


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