35 thoughts on “It’s Really Quite True

  1. Hmmmm …. Brings to mind a telephone conversation where there was a lull in the flow as I just wanted to be quiet. I then heard … “Hello, Amy, are you still there?” Hey quiet is good at times. I’m now of the mind, Colleen, quiet is more productive then the scream. Perhaps if more of us practiced silence, we could hear ourselves THINK and become reconnected to the ONE. Hmmmmm ……


  2. I understand this, too, Colleen. I think it’s telling. As a culture we aren’t very quiet, thoughtful and reflective, so when we are silent, it makes people uneasy. Maybe we need to practice that more often. 🙂


    • Thank you ! And yes it by golly is. It’s quite frustrating actually. There is a way I ‘must’ be and a way I naturally am. When my natural ways break through it seems disconcerting to others. 😉


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