Little Bugger


I find it paradoxical, ironic, satirical and honestly quite confusing

That the very things we need in life

Can also cause us such pain.

Bee, Sting, Ironic

Brought to you by the lovely chap that flew up my shirt on a bike ride,

And while I was coming to a screeching halt,

Ripping off my shirt for God and Country to bear witness to my near nakedness

To save the chap,

He stung me.

Not cool.









38 thoughts on “Little Bugger

  1. Oh dear Colleen. I used to ride a motor bike, and one very hot day I went out on it just in my shorts and top. As I was driving along, fairly fast, a thousand needles suddenly went into my leg. A damned wap lol. Like you, I screeched to a halt and surveyed the damage!


  2. Judging by your lovely artistry, this appears to be a Bumblebee. I feel it only fair to defend the hapless bee by pointing out a few facts. Bumblebees are mild tempered and peaceful by nature, only stinging when feeling cornered or to defend their hive. The “Chap” is a “shemale” ( a Benjaminism) as only the females have stingers. There is some good news, obviously you do not have a deathly allergy to their sting. Also, their stinger does not have a barb so can be drawn back out by them without either leaving the barb behind or killing themselves in the process, that also allows them to sting more than once…admittedly this is only good news for the bee. I commend you for the attempt to save the bee through your selfless act of disrobing and hope that the bee survived to go about her pollinating unscathed. Life is unfair, just ask this Bumblebee! Thank-you!


    • Well I did get stung more than once. And I still have a huge knot under one of the stings. And the fella DID fly away once I freed him from my shirt. I, on the other hand, stood shirtless on the bike trail with my back on fire πŸ˜‚


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