On The Other Side Of What You Think




In the far reaches

Of dreams and wishes


Lives the possible

The achievable and attainable



Open your eyes!

On the other side of what you think

Exists what really is.

Reality, Possibility













35 thoughts on “On The Other Side Of What You Think

  1. What a nice post!
    Our dreams and wishes are our reality. Aren’t they the natural product of our individual existence? We shatter our heads, how other humans run and eventually we come to the point that we do not even understand how ourself work. But we can see what comes out of this mess between body, soul, knowledge, ignorance mind and emotions! Our fears, but also our dreams and wishes! Maybe the only truth what we can take for real!


      • You are certainly right that experience and maturing influence our reality … but I think there are still a lot of other components that we will never understand. Experiences are processed cognitively, just as the maturing also runs on the cognitive level, so for me it is part of the point “knowledge and ignorance” on the “mind- side”. The heart side / the emotions is for me the pure result, independent of our mind … I can imagine, that it is our real and true reality.

        An example: you participate in a sports competition. You have expectations in your performance. On the home straight you overtake another competitor and you are happy to be even better. You are happy, because your experiences, the social norms and thus your mind tells you, it is a reason to be happy. Then you look into the face of your competitor, which you have overtaken in the last few meters and see disappointment and your feeling tells you that it would have been nicer to not overtake him.


  2. The Wee Wise Guru offers divine inspiration, sound thinking and breathtaking art…what other gifts can one wish to receive?! You have outdone even yourself, from yesterday’s beautiful post to this profound message. I’m headed to the other side! Thank-you!

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    • Thank you Debra. I sometimes contemplate what it is I want or hope to accomplish and then of course all of the doubts or reasons why I don’t or can’t come to mind. And it just comes to me that I have GOT to see on the other side of that to achieve those things.

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