Of Those Lost



I couldn’t move.

I couldn’t stop watching.

I couldn’t believe.

I couldn’t stop feeling guilty

Thinking of all of the people who could not turn off the horror,

and go back to life unchanged.

I felt such sorrow.

May there be peace in the souls

Of those lost

And in the hearts of those

Who lost.

9/11, Loss, Sorrow









19 thoughts on “Of Those Lost

  1. You’ve summed up perfectly, all those feelings of that day, Colleen. Those unbelievable scenes, played over & over again, as we watched in total disbelief. Those poor people & their families, & the scars felt by those who tried to help is unimaginable 😥


  2. We were living in Rochester, New York, at the time. Everyone we ran into knew someone who died that day. It was really hard for a long time. The New York Department of Revenue lost an entire office of people that day and the manager in Rochester had started many of them on their career path. I really thought he was going to have a heart attack for a while with how stressed out he was over the loss.


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