29 thoughts on “More Than Knowledge

  1. How true!
    We shape our expectations based on our knowledge, our experience and general norms, although these expectations are always bound to persons, who for the most part do not conform to the general norms, our own knowledge or our individual experiences.
    Expectations are therefore wrong invoices, because
    we never really know what’s right … maybe we can feel it or believe it!

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  2. Brilliant observation, Colleen! How quick we are to be “so sure” that there’s only one answer to a problem or doing the “right” thing. Your “math problem” is worth contemplating before we make conclusions too quickly!


    • I often write these things (or rewrite them) because I need a reminder. I would hope I would always choose ‘right’ over ‘what’s expected’. So I write my thoughts and hope it sticks with me.


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