When You Love A Player


The best part about sports.

Player, Kids,

When the volunteer coaches yell “help each other”

When the parents clap for the kids on the other team

When the little athletes laugh and hug each other after the game

When learning life lessons are fun.









19 thoughts on “When You Love A Player

  1. Very special, Colleen. I like sports activities for children! My son told me that our grandson, barely 2, is in a very early-beginner soccer exercise conducted weekly. I haven’t yet seen it happen, but apparently the little ones run and kick the ball and meet in the middle to give each other spontaneous hugs if they get too close or run into each other. This just tickles me. They don’t have any idea what they’re doing is going to one day be competitive! Too cute!

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    • Oh I love this Debra. I have seen the soccer teams from 4 and up and there is such a change, obviously, as they get older. But the changes are not always good. It is amazing to watch the skill improve. But it is shocking (not that it is always there, but sometimes is) to see the change in conduct and sportsmanship as they get older. On the same note though, it is amazing to watch as they age and see maturity develop in many of the players.

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