31 thoughts on “Between The Acts

  1. Circle of life, circle in life but still everything always moves. A movement universel beyond our knowledge, but we are active part of it and we all have the power to influence the moving in a good way.
    Of course, God does not throw dice, but he plays his cards very close to his chest.
    I really like the orange leaf!

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      • It’s so obvious to think that way, isn´t it?
        We know that we are an active part, but that is certainly not the purpose of our life …. life is there to learn through experience, through our thinking and our feeling .. .and if I reflect this, I have to modify my statement. Why should God keep something secret? He is perfect, he knows no doubt, fear or mistrust. He surely plays with open cards,…more imaginable, perhaps, that only those, who are close enough can recognize the cards…so if we want to understand we have to go on travelling to come nearer?


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