22 thoughts on “When Everyone Else Isn’t

  1. Due to circumstances in my life, Colleen, I’ve learned that my own company is my best company. It takes time but the yearning to be with others fades. Now my “other” company is mostly animals and Nature. I suppose you can look at this way … The Universe made a way for the artist in me to come alive. Artists need “alone time”. (smile) Happy Monday!! xoxoxo

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  2. I like to stay in my own company, as I find most inspiration for being creative, when I’m alone. The worst I know about feeling alone is, when I feel alone and are in company of other people, this feels so much worse. Just show me, that to stay alone is much better.

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    • Complex indeed Debra. I have always needed and loved my solitude. I never really experienced loneliness until recently and I was shocked by it’s impact on me. But it’s a learning process. “Lonely” can still be taken control of (for most of us who are able) and changed. Being aware of it and having things in place to change it, helps.


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