Then What






Then what?

This thought popped into my head days ago and I wrote it down.

I wrote it many times with many different follow up lines.

I don’t feel a negative energy about it.

Physically I have been broken many times

And healed to achieve greater physical feats.

Emotionally I have nearly deconstructed

And come back with strength and fortitude.

Mentally I’ve been waylaid

And found restitution in patience and education.

I woke up broken

I remained broken throughout the day.

My brokenness is a part of my accomplished whole.

This is too wordy for me.

I woke up broken

I remained broken throughout the day.


I’m going on a hike.

Broken or not, I got things to do.










(PS….I’m not broken, it’s just something I wrote and am stuck on.)



20 thoughts on “Then What

  1. Beautiful post! We have always to go on, even if we think we are broken and failed… after all we know that our thoughts can cheat us a lot….so no other way to go on….

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  2. Yes! Shake it off and move on…even if it’s just a solitary walk. Being able to look back and see the pattern of being broken and then put back together seems to help me. Perspective. I liked this very much, Colleen.

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