14 thoughts on “Showing A Disposition To Challenge

  1. pros and cons, again and again. Fact is, time does not stand still and everything changes. Both, the line and you….ohh and it is not defiant to take ourselves feelings and thoughts serious, or?

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    • Oh true Anie. I actually drew this picture and it kind of made me laugh and I thought I ‘looked’ defiant. It made me think of how oppositional I can be with siblings and stuff. That’s where the words came from. But I agree with you, it’s not defiant to take ourselves and feelings serious.

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      • What do you mean with “how oppositional I can be with siblings and stuff” ? That it is easier to “decide” to go over lines, when it comes to siblings ans stuff?
        Well “Siblings and stuff” are our longtime companion…kind of habitual invironment, we feel in a way “save”, because we think we know how they work.
        On the other lines, we have sometimes only our own feelings and thoughts, we have to rely on, and we know, that we cannot trust our thoughts, because they are poissoned in so many ways.


        • I think we may have lost something in translation Anie. This was written, initially, as a funny reflection on being defiant. Just the word “defiant” because I thought the drawing looked like a defiant person. Then I started thinking about growing up with my siblings and how I was probably defiant with them, and that I didn’t like being told what to do. That’s all it really meant.


  2. If that line is imagined as always being inside us, in our gut rather than in front of us, on the ground, then no one can ever tell you cross it, since it moves wherever you go.

    Or something.
    There’s something metaphorical and deep in there! 🀣

    But yeah. Defiance always gets me in trouble.
    Pretty sure I’m not about to change! Lol


    And btw your doodles are so effing good!

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