Sometimes, Maybe





Intelligence, Appropriate










I can own my lack of knowledge.  And laugh at myself.

I can’t own what doesn’t make sense that others try to force.

This is not about anything specific.  Just a reaction to interactions I observe.


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29 thoughts on “Sometimes, Maybe

  1. ivor20 says:

    I believe we’re all a bit crazy, appropriately it’s up to our observers, how they want react with us……..

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  2. I think, that the older I become, the less I care, what others think about, how I choose to live my life. Crazy, yes sometimes, but my choice and life.
    Wish you a beautiful and Happy New Year, Colleen ❤

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  3. beth says:

    I totally get this and one of the joys of having lived a longer life is that I am rarely influenced by that outside prattle.

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  4. We are what we are and I’m glad for that!

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  5. This would be why I enjoyed being a psych nurse. I could make sense out of people with a diagnosis but sometimes couldn’t make sense out of those without one!

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  6. parkermccoy says:

    Yeah, I think the world has always been crazy and trying to make sense of it all, makes one crazier. It’s best to relax, have a beer and laugh at it all. Cheers to a less crazy 2020!

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  7. Val Boyko says:

    Each of us sees the world through our own filters and beliefs that come from experience and our level of consciousness. When we get that, then we can let others be where they are and let go of defending or judging. Not easy sometimes!

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  8. trekking cottage apartment says:

    The people we think are crazy think that we are, if that makes sense.

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