You’re My Favorite Today

I was going to publish this book.

Instead, I’m putting it here.

Please enjoy.


Title Page



My Favorite











my faults

the worlds beauty













Thank you

Thank you.


Be someone’s favorite today.










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40 thoughts on “You’re My Favorite Today

  1. rugby843 says:

    Excellent! I loved this so much!🤗🥰

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  2. ivor20 says:

    I’m overwhelmed with your generosity Colleen, and these two pieces are my favourite, and as a friend I am boomeranging them back, and sincerely saying THANK YOU COLLEEN…
    “You saw me
    I thought
    I was

    Me to reach
    Than I thought
    I could”

    And I send you this gorgeous video/song by Hanne Kah, who were indeed my favourites on Thursday night….. Cheers from Ivor

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  3. Your book describes so beautifully, why it is important to be kind to each other, Colleen 😀

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    I am so lucky to know you.

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  5. beth says:

    it is all about the little things and the impact they have, that can make the difference. the butterfly effect. beautiful

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  6. Right back at you, dear Colleen. ❤️

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  7. markbialczak says:

    Thank you, MBC. You touch me with your attitude toward life every time I call your blog up on my screen. Our world is a better place because you spread your way outward.

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  8. utesmile says:

    This is beautiful! You made my day! Big thank you Hugs! ♥

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  9. Carla Blosser says:

    I love reading your books! I love you! You always make me step back and re-think things after reading your books. They make me want to change and be a better person. And for that I thank you. Thank you for being my Favorite Author❤

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    • Thank you for being my favorite Carla ❤ you make me want to be better. I love how we all feed into one another. I see things that make me want to be better, I try to share them, then you share this with me. ❤


  10. No doubt about it, you are definitely my favourite today Colleen. xx

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  11. lilianahonyi says:

    Great piece as always. Love it

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  12. Love love love LOVE! The people in your life are so BLESSED!

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  13. taylormitch says:

    It is some of these random acts of kindness that make our world and society, in general, a better place. If only more people would stop and be kind.

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  14. So many people I now want to share this with – and of course, you are one of them!

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  15. Debra says:

    What a blessing you are to so many, including me, Colleen. Your light shines and we NEED it! xx

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  16. This is really great, Chatter Master! Always a joy to see what you have to say and sketch! 🙂

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