20 thoughts on “There is a Difference

  1. OOOOO-Kay! Let me think about this one. Hmmmmm ….. I like this. I really do. There are so many negative connotations in connection with being a “control freak” versus the other way of thinking, not liking to not to be in control. Huh. Nicely done, Colleen. Sometimes when I’m in my Zone I let go of control and embrace “whatever”. A time to collect and a time to reflect. LOL

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    • Thank you Amy. I do feel like there is a negative connotation. I do like to be ‘in control’ but that doesn’t mean I am controlling. In my head, it makes sense. For example, I don’t drink alcohol. Mainly, because my father owned bars when I was growing up. I would see adults willingly give up control when they drank. That did not appeal to me. (It helps that I cannot stand the taste of alcohol). I am sure I could go on about this. 🙂

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