20 thoughts on “Am I, Or Not

  1. There’s fine grey line between, Am I— Or Not, and the fine grey line will always be there—
    “The sky along the furtherest edge of the world was grey, just a little thin line.
    Below that grey line lay the ocean. Above the grey line the sky was dark-dark
    -dark. Blue? Black? Both? Stars. I could have reached out my hand-stirred the
    Sky up a bit and scattered the stars. But why would I? ”
    ………I’m reading every fine grey…..

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  2. That sounds like the question of the ages, Colleen. At least it should be, for people who want to live authentically, honestly, and at peace with themselves and others. You like those “imponderables,” my friend. xx

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    • Thank you Debra. I do like contemplating such things. And I do like that it helps me stay honest and authentic with myself, and for others. I appreciate your comment. Makes me think even more.


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