21 thoughts on “I Still Wonder

  1. I love this, Colleen – I find myself doing the same thing when I walk about. So many lives around us…how are we different…how are we the same? Wonderful things to wonder about while walking around the city!

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    • I do like this. I will remember random people I have seen over the years and wonder where they are in life even though I knew nothing other than a few seconds of their life as I passed them. 🙂


  2. As I get older I suffer more with vertigo, whereas in the past I would happily stand at the edge of sheer drops, even hang over them. I climbed masts, towers, did rock climbing and abseiling, traversed between ships at sea by rope, all manner of things. Today, I doubt that I could stand against a glass wall in a high rise!

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    • I’ve always had a healthy fear of heights. Though I have pushed myself these last few years, there are times it overwhelms me and I cannot talk myself into stepping close to an edge, within a glassed wall or not. I’ve been pleased with what I can do….but sometimes it has stopped me.

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