23 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Laugh

  1. I LOVE this!! Yet again your art combined with your wit & wisdom are spectacular! Laughter is an essential part of our well being. It may interest you to know, if indeed you do not, that the third Monday in March (tomorrow) was designated in 2004 by Dr. Dale Anderson of Minnesota as National Act Happy Day and National Wellderly Day (this is for me, you will have to wait some years to celebrate this one!). He created both “in an effort to promote the health benefits of happiness, humor, and laughter.” He believes that by getting into the act of happiness, eventually the happiness will catch on in yourself and spread to others too. Dr. Anderson suggests beginning each day staring in the mirror and letting out a 15-second belly laugh. It is my humble opinion that if watching oneself in the mirror belly laughing does not make one laugh one may be incapable of laughter…a sad predicament indeed! Thank-you!

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