Set Free





There are some things in life


To give us pause.


To spike our curiosity.


To draw us into a stare.


To mesmerize us.


To hold us captive.


To lull us.


To allow us quiet.


To hold our gaze

While it sets our thoughts free.









32 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. I pause every day Colleen, to open your site and curiously read your meaningful words, and then I lull my senses into my writers haven of captivating music, which sets my mind free to gaze at the garden dragonflies, truly nature’s guardian angels…..xx

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          • I think if mind feels like writing, we shall write…. I wrote some lovely poems while I was on cruise 2 years ago…. then 18 months ago China was an inspiration…… almost a year ago I somehow limped over to Philadelphia, and wrote the best poem I’ve every written(Below)…. and now here in my haven, words are pouring from my compassion soul..
            🌏💙.. and believe it or not … tears are running down my cheeks….

            Dreams of The Heart

            I cannot walk the continents
            Like the intrepid Marco Polo
            But my feet have felt the sands of time
            Pass between my toes

            I have not sailed the high seas
            Like the courageous Christopher Columbus
            But my body has bathed
            In an ocean full of kind hearts

            I’m yet to fly in space
            Like the brave Neil Armstrong
            But I have reached for the stars
            And touched my soul’s dreams


  2. And haven’t we just been given a HUGE blessing to do exactly as you describe here? Let’s celebrate this opportunity to reflect, to pause, to slow down, to remember how to be loving and supportive of one another. This fly go go has stopped. Time to get back to the basics. LOVED this and I thank you!! xo

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