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36 thoughts on “Redefined

  1. ivor20 says:

    I ‘hope’ so Colleen, but I’m sitting on my ‘Backyard’ pondering ??

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  2. I am so glad to begin my visit here with your post! I think so too. I am savoring the pause while in prayer.

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  3. anie says:

    I hope so, too!

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  4. markbialczak says:

    I hope we come out of this with a more positive outlook to ourselves and the world, MBC.

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  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    I’m going one step further. I KNOW it will reshape us! YAY!!! A friend of mine just sent me a picture of her and her Dad making face masks on sewing machines. Bless them both!!! xo

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  6. A reset button perhaps. May be the earth wanted us to pause !

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  7. I think you’re right.

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  8. I was a founder member of this club and I have a lifetime membership!

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  9. Ellen says:

    We will be OK…redefined and reshaped but OK! Every March 23rd beginning in 2011 is known as “OK Day”…that’s today! The success of Allan Metcalf’s late 2010 book “OK : The Improbable Story of America’s Greatest Word” led him to create today’s celebration. FYI : March 23,1839 was the day the phrase “O.K.” originated in an editorial written by editor Charles Gorden Greene in the Boston Post where he also defined it as meaning “all correct”. It was thanks to politics in 1840 that it became “OK” and the rest is, as they say, history. The book, by the way, is entertaining and informative…much like yourself!! Love the art! Thank-you!

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  10. beth says:

    i am feeling and hoping exactly the same thing.

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  11. Val Boyko says:

    Well said adorable Colleen. Just wanted to make you smile 😀

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