27 thoughts on “The Edge of Purple

  1. very beautiful…it is all in us…dreams, hope, wishes, desire…the perception of the light edge is the key, to to set them free, …but the blue is our guide to show us the way….a fascinating color!

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  2. I was sitting at my computer in the wee hours of this morning in an attempt to complete reading, from all the various new sources that arrive amidst my inbox, those not yet opened from Thursday. I happened to glance at the newest ones from today as I went back and forth reading what was now yesterday’s. When my eyes met the words : The Chatterbox [New Post] The Edge of Purple, my breath was taken away! I quickly opened and read this, not exactly sure of what I would find only to be totally blown away by the color, the art and the words. You cannot know how deeply this affects me today of all days. Today, March 26th, is the annual “Purple Day” that was founded by a young girl named Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada. Cassidy was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 7 and in 2008 founded this day to dispel myths and inform people with seizures that they are not alone. She is a lovely young woman who has continued with her mission and puts out a newsletter that keeps me informed. The main reason this spoke to me so personally is that someone near and dear to me had Epilepsy and died during a seizure. Also, over the course of my nursing career I have taken care of children who were brain damaged from oxygen deprivation during Epileptic seizures or suffered with seizures along with other issues. I was so emotionally moved by this post that I had to postpone commenting until a later time. I sit before my computer in a Purple shirt to not only honor the memory of the one I lost but also to honor those who live and face every day with Epilepsy. Thank-YOU!

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    • Ellen. I wrote this a few years ago. While I was perusing my old posts, as I sometimes do, I came across this one. The purple in the old and original post just stopped me. I redrew it. And reposted it even though I had other posts ready to go. There was a need for me to do it. and a need for you to see it. Thank you for sharing Cassidy Megan. And may this honor all of those young people you cared for. 💜


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