World Travel


Vicarious, Travel, Bike, Camper


I’m heading out.  Going to travel some place daily.  Learn about a place I’ve never been.  Any suggestions about amazing places would be welcome.  Some place beautiful, remote, famous, historically important, or some place full of incredible people.  Please remember any suggestions you make would need to accept me as is…in my bike clothes.  Possibly quite smelly if I have to pedal far, or through desserts or up mountains,  to get there.  Or wet if I have to pedal through oceans.  All suggestions welcome.  Is it where you live?  Where you have traveled?  Where you would like to travel?  Send pictures or ideas.

It would have to be some place I can park my camper and bike as well.  It will most likely fit anywhere.  I just want to be considerate and let people know when I virtually invade their world I will be encumbered with my gear.

Shameless and possibly rude of me to ask.  But invite me to see your world vicariously.

Be well world.  I need to see you.