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I’m heading out.  Going to travel some place daily.  Learn about a place I’ve never been.  Any suggestions about amazing places would be welcome.  Some place beautiful, remote, famous, historically important, or some place full of incredible people.  Please remember any suggestions you make would need to accept me as is…in my bike clothes.  Possibly quite smelly if I have to pedal far, or through desserts or up mountains,  to get there.  Or wet if I have to pedal through oceans.  All suggestions welcome.  Is it where you live?  Where you have traveled?  Where you would like to travel?  Send pictures or ideas.

It would have to be some place I can park my camper and bike as well.  It will most likely fit anywhere.  I just want to be considerate and let people know when I virtually invade their world I will be encumbered with my gear.

Shameless and possibly rude of me to ask.  But invite me to see your world vicariously.

Be well world.  I need to see you.










37 thoughts on “World Travel

  1. Oh Colleen, do come over to little hometown of Shillong a small hill town in the state of Meghalaya in North-East India. We are an hour drive away from Cherrapunji, the wettest place on earth!

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    • Parikhit ! Thank you so much for the invitation. I am already reading about your hometown. I love the images of the waterfalls and the living bridges. I am fascinated by those. I think I will visit here first. I truly appreciate your invitation. I received it first so that is where I will go first. I hope you have a lovely day. And forgive me if I use an incorrect image for your area, I am having somewhat of a difficult time fully understanding which image goes with what area. But I am enjoying discovering your part of the world!!!

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    • Thank you Ute ! I did drop by and try to visit the Queen. I don’t think she was in…. 🙂 I really appreciate the invitation. You’ll see me there in London tomorrow. I may pedal around later and visit some other places in London as well.

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      • Great, yes the Queen needs to stay inside, she is nearly 94. We will hear her talking on Sunday at 8pm to the nation. I do like the Queen and hope nothing happens to her. Looking forward to see you In my beloved London! 🙂

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        • I listened to her. She was so gracious. I felt like she was talking to ALL of us ! I hope she stays well, along with the rest of her family. It appears Prince Charles is doing well. I assume they are keeping Prince Phillip away from EVERYONE!!!

          Maybe I should pedal back once things settle down. 🙂

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  2. You would be very welcome to visit Hirta, the main island of the St Kilda archipelago. You will not have many neighbours apart from birds and sheep, and you will need to bring your own food although the water is lovely to drink. I lived there for eight months in all.

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  3. i’d like to invite you to visit mackinac island, michigan. one of my favorite places to visit in my state. i have a beautiful picture of looking through arch rock there and i’m sure you can use it because i am the one who took it. how do i send you a picture?

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