I Don’t Think The Queen is Home



But I dropped in anyway.

Buckingham Palace, Bike, Camper


I graciously accepted Ute’s invitation to visit London.  She didn’t think it would be very busy right now.  And if things work in England like they work in the USA, I don’t think the Queen was home.  At least when I knocked on the gate, she didn’t answer.  I am enjoying reading the history of the Palace.  Maybe if she’s in Scotland she’ll invite me there and I can pedal on up to see her.  But since I’m here I’m going to do a little more studying on the Palace.  Maybe I will find some stories about ghosts.  Or something fascinating that I didn’t know about.  Thank you Ute, for the wonderful suggestion.   I might pedal around London a little more.  I’d love to stop in at a coffee shop.

My sincere apologies to Parikhit who invited me to Shillong India.  I did visit and am fascinated by the waterfalls and the Living Root Bridges.  I hope to be able to show you some pictures of my travels there soon.  Unfortunately, if I can’t find a creative common use photo on-line, I can’t share my travel there.   Anyone extending an invitation please feel free to send me pictures you would like me to try and use, and of course I will credit you.  I have received numerous private messages, and some here on the blog, of places to travel.  I intend to visit vicariously and read about each place I travel to.  A little education about the world will do me good.

Be well.












Picture Credit:  Skeeze via Pixabay

The image of me/my camper/my bike are imposed above the picture via ‘me’.