I Don’t Think The Queen is Home



But I dropped in anyway.

Buckingham Palace, Bike, Camper


I graciously accepted Ute’s invitation to visit London.  She didn’t think it would be very busy right now.  And if things work in England like they work in the USA, I don’t think the Queen was home.  At least when I knocked on the gate, she didn’t answer.  I am enjoying reading the history of the Palace.  Maybe if she’s in Scotland she’ll invite me there and I can pedal on up to see her.  But since I’m here I’m going to do a little more studying on the Palace.  Maybe I will find some stories about ghosts.  Or something fascinating that I didn’t know about.  Thank you Ute, for the wonderful suggestion.   I might pedal around London a little more.  I’d love to stop in at a coffee shop.

My sincere apologies to Parikhit who invited me to Shillong India.  I did visit and am fascinated by the waterfalls and the Living Root Bridges.  I hope to be able to show you some pictures of my travels there soon.  Unfortunately, if I can’t find a creative common use photo on-line, I can’t share my travel there.   Anyone extending an invitation please feel free to send me pictures you would like me to try and use, and of course I will credit you.  I have received numerous private messages, and some here on the blog, of places to travel.  I intend to visit vicariously and read about each place I travel to.  A little education about the world will do me good.

Be well.












Picture Credit:  Skeeze via Pixabay

The image of me/my camper/my bike are imposed above the picture via ‘me’.


19 thoughts on “I Don’t Think The Queen is Home

  1. Do cycle around the cobbled streets too! And well you had to hop over at London before coming over to Shillong. And interestingly you could beat Phileas Fogg and Passepartout and travel around the world in a record eight days!! Jules Verne would be sad indeed 😀

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  2. You remind me how my dear wife Karen and I are coming to the conclusion of a very satisfying binge-watch of the PBS series ‘Downton Abbey’ on Amazon Prime, MBC. I love being immersed in the Brit way back then!

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