I Stay Home



Because she can’t.

It’s seeing the faces, or at least the beautiful eyes, of people fighting the fight

That keeps me in check,

And in place.

ICU, Nurse, Front Line

I know her, I love her, I thank her.

And all of the others just like her.

Be well warriors.









PS…this warrior was in the process of gearing up and not yet fully armored.


24 thoughts on “I Stay Home

    • I agree. I have started seeing people comment that they need to consider the medical heroes as THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE and US as the front lines. WE can stop it by staying home. Those who get ill are dependent on the Medical Field Warriors. It was a different twist. I think to make people pay attention to them staying home saves lives.

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  1. She is amongst the dedicated warriors going to the front to wage a war against an invisible enemy. Some will be victorious and return unscathed by the foe, others will not be so fortunate. And yet, knowing the risks into the fray they go…to do what they can, with what they have, where they are for all of us. I have the deepest admiration and gratitude for their courage and tireless efforts on our behalf. Thank-you one and all from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you too!

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    • It is amazing to me Ellen. All many of us have to do is STAY put. And these folks go, knowingly, to where the bad stuff is. I know there are many, many different types of heroes out there. THe medical, the transportation of goods, the stores, the production, the shippers, the handlers. And those who must stay put. All very important parts of this scenario to get on the other side of it.


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