Falling Beauty



Wei Saw Dong Waterfalls, India, Shillong, Travel


Wei Saw Dong Waterfalls

My new friend Parikhit invited me to discover his home town of Shillong, in North East India.  I gladly made my way to this stunning area.  These waterfalls, Wei Saw Dong Waterfalls, are about one and half hours from Shillong.  Trip Advisor has some aerial shots of this waterfall, click through to see stunning views.  Breath taking.   While reading about the area I also discovered something called ‘Living Root Bridges’.  Phenomenal!  I don’t know too much about India so thank you Parikhit for the invitation.  I am loving the scenery.  It wasn’t easy getting that camper over the slick stone.  But it was well worth the effort.  Any suggestions for specific history or points of interest to pedal towards and I am on my way.









Photo Credit and thanks to:  Parikhit Dutta

The image of me/my camper/my bike are imposed above the picture via ‘me’.

16 thoughts on “Falling Beauty

  1. That is a beautiful spot, – a great oasis to rest and meditate with listening to the waterfall. You are lucky to have your bicycle -home with you! You could even stay for the night there. 🙂

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