Snow Camping



Vicarious Travel while staying in place.

I made it to a campsite. I think I will love snow camping in Oregon.

Thank you Sheri  for the invitation.  I’ve always wanted to visit.

I love winter and have greatly missed out on having snow around our parts these last couple of years.

I can’t wait to see the rest of this beautiful world.

The campsite could not have been more perfect under those magnificent trees.

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Photo/Video Credit:  Sheri Saretsky

The image of me/my camper/my bike are imposed above the picture via ‘me’.




21 thoughts on “Snow Camping

  1. Here’s a lovely poem your ‘Snowing Camping’ …. written by one of my fav’ on-line poets… Robert Okaji…..followed by a song in the snow from ‘The Strumbellas’

    “Snow Country

    desolate the reach
    of space a
    curved line of

    white empty as
    the loneliness one
    feels the tone

    is different on
    a day like
    this she says

    unaware that her
    words fall like
    snow in the

    mountains soft quiet
    in the roar
    no one hears” …– by Robert Okaji

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