The Family Note Book


A ‘stay in place’ suggestion.  I keep telling my kids to do this.  Get a notebook.  Put it some place where everyone in the house can get to it.  Encourage EVERYONE in your home to write in it.  Good stuff, funny stuff, frustrating stuff, being together 24/7 stuff.  Stuff in the news.  Stuff that scared them or gave them hope or encouragement.   If the kids can’t write yet have them draw pictures.  Include wine labels.  Recipes you tried (or got sick of).  Include news clippings.  Include the amazing things the world did for one another.   Include everything that changed, got better, made you wish for different or ‘before’.   All of you newly minted home-school-parent-teachers it could be a great way to get your kids to be creative.  It will be a snapshot of your family life that is different than the pictures we take and post.  Encourage honesty even if it makes you uncomfortable.  And you just might be surprised, years from now, how much this time together meant to you.

Come up with great titles.  Maybe even get it copied or printed after this is all over, for everyone in the house to have a commemorative copy.

In years to come that notebook will become a family heirloom.

Notebook, Write, Pencil

Be well everyone.